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Queen is a Hindi film which has been running in our theaters for the past three weeks to great box office success and has been receiving very good reviews. I was intrigued that a film with a relatively non star like actor in the lead and so heavily female oriented could be such a success and decided to go and see it. I was finally able to yesterday afternoon after many cancellations and I was glad that I made the effort. I had excellent company and the post movie sandwiches and coffee at Barista rounded up a nice afternoon off from my usual routine.

This is the first time I have seen Kangana Ranaut on screen.  She is a modern generation’s actress and not from my time.  And I am impressed. The film revolves around her and she has to portray a wide variety of emotions which she does with aplomb. Yes, the director has had a role to play but her innate talent comes through time and again.

The story is very believable if a bit incredible in the youth hostel scenes where a girl is asked to share a room with three males. Other than that one aberration, the story line, the development of the theme and the conclusion are all highly professional and very appealing. For my readers from overseas, the story may be a bit unusual as the girl’s background is rather unlike what girls in the West experience. If that can be attributed to cultural differences, the movie is very worthwhile seeing.

I would rate the film[rating=4] because the sound is just too jarring.  Whether it is just the theater’s sound system or the movie’s inherent recording, if that could be softened, the experience would have merited a five star.

I would certainly see other movies with Kangana.

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      1. When I consider that I can control the decibel levels and the cost being more or less equal to or even less than going to a theater, I prefer buying a DVD to see films.

  1. i have gotten where i enjoy movies more at home.
    in our theaters over here the sound is set at DEAFENING!
    and i mean that. two hours of it and you probably have damaged hearing when you walk out!
    i will check it out. sometimes current foreign films are hard to find.
    but eventually they do make it here!
    tammyj recently posted..puppy series. worry

  2. I had to bring my two daughters out to see that movie last week. That meant two different trips as they now have different sets of friends. They both spoke glowingly of this movie. As for me, I’ll try to catch it whenever I can. No doubt, this lady is very talented.

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