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    1. We are fortunate that we don’t have a, what you call a gun culture here. Our citizenry however can be as violent as anyone else anywhere in the world. I shared the article and the video because of its message. I am not for or against the gun culture. It is a fact of life that we have to live with,

  1. Being strongly for gun control, I can still comprehend the other side and that it is based on true fear. The tiny movement between two such divergent opinions is remarkable in itself.

    One thing I don’t understand – why should anyone own an assault rifle?
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  2. Nice experiment. I’ve always been a believer in trying to understand other people’s viewpoints/experiences/feelings. Which is probably why I’m more of a listener than an activist.
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  3. it’s late here as i read the article.
    i couldn’t bring myself to watch the video at this late hour. but maybe i will tomorrow.

    the article itself is powerful.
    my empathy is for the people trapped in poverty having to live in houses and apartments with paper thin walls… enough that a gang’s bullet goes through the wall and kills a little girl in elementary school sitting at her kitchen table doing home work.
    i cannot even imagine living in that kind of environment.
    and i agree with ‘mother.’ why does anyone need an assault rifle if they’re not in the military? it’s insane. and it’s for one reason only. and they’re kidding themselves otherwise.
    i think of medusa and her head of vipers. this is such a many headed problem that seemingly has no answers. you can say they’re empathetic. but they will still be keeping all those guns. and the NRA just grows stronger and larger.
    nobody ever listened or really agreed with me. but for literally YEARS i have blamed the movie industry and the video games. we have generation after generation now that have been fed almost 24/7 on constant violence for entertainment. they are consumed by it. it’s everywhere. and i think it has resulted in a violent society the likes of which we haven’t known since the dark ages.
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    1. I hope that you understand my reluctance to offer an opinion. I liked the article and the video and knew that this is a very serious issue being debated in the USA and therefore shared it with my readers. There are a number of Americans among them, and you can see some of the responses here.

  4. I am for the right to bear arms, but I’m also for gun control. One doesn’t have to be so far right or so far left. There is a balance that can be found. I don’t know what the balance is, but hope that someone in power will help find a solution to our gun problems. I do know that practicing gun safety at a high level will help reduce ‘accidents’. Gun violence by criminals will likely happen regardless of gun control measures. And really, guns need to be available for people to purchase because our world is dangerous and there are creeps out there we need to protect ourselves from.
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    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog post. Not being an American citizen, I hesitate to offer an opinion. I however am glad to hear about your thought on the matter, as I am sure are all of my American readers.

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