I am not a fan of Shah Rukh Khan but having seen the trailer of Raees, and reading good reviews of  it, I went to see it yesterday. I had another reason for wanting to see the film and that was that I had met the character portrayed in the film in Ahmedabad a couple of times in the mid 1980s. Not as my bootlegger but as an important personage attending a couple of weddings that I had gone to attend too.

Good story, direction, cinematography, unobtrusive music and great editing makes for an enjoyable experience.  I enjoyed the movie and recommend it to all my readers who like to see Bollywood films.

Having said that, let me talk about the actors. Leaving aside the three main actors, every one without exception produces professional performances even in the smallest and shortest of roles. Speaks volumes for direction.

SRK disappoints. He tries to do what Amitabh Bacchan did as the angry young man in the 1980s and fails miserably. He is reputed to be a suave actor in romantic scenes but in this film, he fails miserably with wooden performances in such scenes. I suspect that had he just tried to be himself, he would have come across better in the role.

On the other hand, Nawazuddin Siddiqui though under utilised, steals every scene that he appears in with effortless ease. There is one particular scene where his senior police officer ticks him off and he responds with a cool “Jai Hind” that is simply breathtaking.

The leading lady, a Pakistani actress Mahira Khan produces a professional performance without being overawed by the presence of the star hero. I however wonder why an Indian actress could not have been found for the role.

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  1. I likely will not ever get to see it. but I followed every link and enjoyed reading about each actor.
    I always like your reviews whether I see the movie eventually or not.
    you do now and even in the past no doubt would have made a wonderful film critic.
    jai hind! xo sean!
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  2. Like tammy j, I probably won’t get to see the movie (not available here), but I enjoy your reviews. The actors are such attractive people! Of course, it’s what is expected in movies these days.

  3. We’re such untamed followers. I too started out on your links and sufed and swooshed surfed off into a dozen or more othersites, to end up at a movie called Patang. I’m waiting to hear if the Sikh movie shop I called will bring it in.

    I have been housebound with one disease after another, three, in fact, and watching movies. I decided to impose some order and logic to my entertainment, and went with Maggie Smith searches. I am now also looking for The Lady in the Van. Not sure if it’s a “good” movie, but Maggie Smith is always good. Oh I also watched the latest incarnation of Pride and Prejudice, featuring Keira Knightley as Elizabeth. Such thrilling times. (sic).

    I hope the store will find Patang.

    1. I am sorry to hear about illness. I hope that you get well soon. You are unlikely to get a copy of the DVD of patang. I don’t think that it was ever made into a DVD. It was indeed a lovely movie.

      1. I found out the store can get Patang but tthen they (illegally) copy it and sell to me. I don’t want to spend the rest of my days in some dank hellhole jail with nothing but a rat for company, so I guess I won’t see it.

        I loved The Lunchbox.

        I would like to see Such a Long Journey again, from the book of the same name. https://www.amazon.ca/Such-Long-Journey-Rohinton-Mistry/dp/0771060572 I would also like to read the book again too, alas, pas capable.

  4. I thought Pakistanis were Indians. Isn’t that like us noting that an actor is Canadian and not American? As if Canada wasn’t part of North America?
    Looney recently posted..The Fog

    1. Since the Indus flows in Pakistan, you are right. Indians live where the Indus flows. Pakistan stands for the land of the pure. Taking it to mean that is for people who did not convert to Islam from the Sanatana Dharma, it would mean that Pakistanis live where I live! What a comedy!

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