12 thoughts on “Rain!”

  1. we are in a bad drought again.
    grass is turning brown.
    the clouds will build and go right over us. and give more rain to the southeast.
    they are having flooding problems in some states there while we remain dry as a bone.
    at least this has been a quiet tornado season for us. a real blessing there!
    i have a favorite rain with thunder video i listen to every night before going to bed.
    it’s a great and relaxing comfort to me until the real thing happens.
    i love the picture of your terrace in the rain. thank you!
    i’ve always loved the rain. i once told my mother i wish she had named me rain.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  2. There is nothing so gratifying as rain, after a period of drought. But as I’ve said so many times this year, we are craving sunshine, and calm days, with no wind! It has been a peculiar spell of weather in this region this spring.

    1. A friend currently in the UK but originally from where I live, has commented on facebook that he is enjoying the four months of sun shine that they get there while missing the four months of rain that we will now have here!

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