Our first summer showers arrived with thunder and lightning and the photograph above was taken at 5.30 pm today.

We have been having really hot and on the odd days, humid days. The rain is a big relief.

The thunder however scared Koko and since there was no one else was at home, she came and slept over my feet under the table where I was sitting and working on my desk top.

Perks of having dogs at home!

10 thoughts on “Rain.”

  1. you and little Koko enjoying the rain together! can think of nothing nicer.
    what are we? Pluvophiles? yes. I think that’s it. well… anyway
    one pluvophile and one little furry companion. lol.
    we have had Hot and constant wind. I’m waiting for our first nice rain.

  2. Lucky you to have some rain. I usually enjoyed some of the light summer rains we had when I lived in the U.S. Midwest. Dogs can be really good companions.

  3. Dogs can get really scared of thunderstorms, fireworks and anything similar. They have no way of understanding what’s going on. I hope Koko felt safer after sleeping on your feet!

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