June has brought the rains to us and along with it lowered temperatures and tempers.

Among the first to enjoy the after effects for the first heavy shower was Chutki.

She not only got wet, she got all muddied. When she came back inside she came up to me to show off her wet self with a grin and dared me to go out with her.

I wish I could have obliged.

19 thoughts on “Rains!”

    1. My daughter in love tried to persuade me to get wet in the rain in our garden earlier this afternoon. I did not want to risk slipping and falling so stayed inside the verandah and enjoyed the rain.

  1. ….and our Zeba is such that, she wont step on the asphalt which is now wet and darker in places! I intend to introduce Zeba to Chutki and see if some of that wild enthusiasm for life rubs off on her 🙂 Enjoy the rains Ramana-athan!

    1. First of all, let me compliment you on having acquired Zeba. The first time that I am hearing about it. Please send some details over WhatsApp. I think that it will be a good idea to see if the two ladies get on together too but, you will have to come to Pune with her. Thank you.

  2. OH!!! I love Chutki! and I love this post. and I love how Manjiree laughs and enjoys her so much!
    she tickled me running under the car! surprised she didn’t add car ‘grease’ to the mud and the water!!! all great stuff of JOY when it rains and you’re Chutki!

  3. Gorgeous girl, so playful, she must lighten your heart, mud and wet and all. Sorry to hear you are housebound. I hope this is only weather related and you’ll be on the hoof shortly.


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