Readers of this blog know that I am a pluviophile and love our monsoon season particularly. I have been very lucky in the month of May this year as we had the so called pre-monsoon showers regularly, unlike any other May that I have seen over the past thirty odd years that I have lived here.

June has not been an exception so far as we have been having rains every afternoon since the beginning of it this year. As I write this, it is pouring cats and dogs at 4.00 pm.

My son and I were discussing this phenomenon this morning as we were having our tea in our garden and I recollected a cartoon that our inimitable R K Laxman had created many decades ago. I had to go to Uncle Google and search but, I am glad that I succeeded.

I can’t get enough of that. Can you relate to it and your local weathermen?

10 thoughts on “Rains.”

  1. Is that a side effect of climate change?
    The monsoon and dry seasons in Indonesia sometimes do not match to weather forecast.

    1. Possible that such change is due to climate change. It does not surprise me that your weather forecast does not match what really happens. I think that it is universal.

  2. Oh I laughed out loud. So very true out here where the weather changes every 5 minutes and an amateur weatherman is the best of the lot.
    I too love, love, love the rain. Always have.


  3. It must be raining all over the world at this time because we too had a downpour yesterday and are to have similar days in the week to come.
    Seeing that we are not doing much socializing these days, rainy days gives one time to play catch up on household chores and perhaps even allows one time to get some writing done.

    1. Rains do not stop our covidiots from still being stupid. More than the rains, what keeps us indoors is our lockdowns due to the pandemic and in my case, even before the lockdowns, I spent more time indoors than outside due to my own health issues.

  4. The official weather forecasts seem to get more and more inaccurate. Whatever the forecasters say, always expect the opposite in reality. It’s still more reliable to just look out of the window and see what’s happening.
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  5. a Wonderful rainy post from a fellow pluviophile!
    I have been busy trying to restore my car from the ‘unpredicted’ HUGE hail storm we had several weeks ago! resulting in filing insurance claims and storm inspection and all that stuff.
    we’ve had an unseasonably cool spring so far. with more rain than most. I have been Uber Happy about it! (well. with the exception of baseball sized hail.) and the cartoon is Wonderful! LOL! xo

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