I was woken up from my siesta by the sound of thunder, rain and heavenly petrichor.

As usual, and setting at rest doubts for this year, our monsoon has arrived on time. The image above is rain in our garden just five minutes ago. As I write this, there is thunder rolling over head and rain falling in torrents.

I shall now listen to some Malhar. My readers will remember my post last year on the same date my post on the subject.

The pluviophile in me is delighted.

13 thoughts on “Rains.”

  1. I’m not in any way a pluviophile. I loathe rain and can’t wait for it to stop. It’s sunshine and warmth that lift my spirits.

    You have a lot of pot plants!

  2. I think your Monsoon is vastly different to my winter rain which of late have been checkered with some nice dry sunny breaks. Over the last few weeks, I’ve only got rained upon on a walk, once. Today I missed it by getting home before the thunder/lightning and rain blast even though technically I would normally out be at that time – I’d gone earlier!
    But do know you love your Monsoon(al) season, enjoy…

    1. Our monsoon this year started off but has been playing hide and seek here too. Plenty of clouds but little rain and often sunny. The Met says that it will settle in properly by the 20th of June.

  3. OH! that picture of your garden terrace is like a little gift!
    you know I’m a fellow pluviophile! but I didn’t know about petrichor.
    thank you for that introduction.
    this post is wonderful. xo

    1. Thank you Tammy. Among other things, as soon as it rains, things turn greener here and one can literally feel the plants and trees show happiness and gratitude. I am often teased for letting my imagination run riot!

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