Rambo Musharaff

Just last night, I said that I had had enough of Pakistan and terrorism and this morning I had to change my mind.

Not on anything morbid mind you, but an exquisite caricaturisation of an impossible event.

This editorial in one of our most respected newspapers is the inspiration for the caricaturisation.

Just imagine the likes of Arnold Swarchenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Vin Diesel, and General Musaharaff himself playing the heroes in a film showing the shoot out in Lahore.

I could not stop laughing for a few minutes after I read the item. Good Lord, Musharaff, wake up dear man. Those guys just casually walked away or got on motorcycles parked in convenient places, and got clean away, after killing Pakistani policemen. It does not take an Einstein to conclude the very obvious, does it? These are monsters created by you and your more illustrious predecessor, Gen Zia ul Haque. Their tentacles reach deep within your establishment. For once, be honest dear General (Retd).

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