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    1. Done. In the next few days, shall take some photographs and post anew. Over the last few years, I have posted many taken in the park but one specifically for the park is due as I keep talking about it all the time in my posts.

  1. This is beautiful. I made a trip to Srirangam a few years ago and went round the agraharam streets at 6.30 in the morning during December to take pictures of the Rangolis and have some great ones in my collection. We do this every morning and use rice powder by which the birds and insects have something to eat.

    1. The rangoli powder is made from rice flour as it is considered auspicious. Sometimes food coloring is used to add a dash of color to the rangoli. The idea is for ants and other insects to eat the flour.

      Apart from that, rangolis are also made using Abhir which is a type of dry color powder used during the festival of colors called Holi.

      Now a days, even white and colored chalk powder is used as it is convenient.

      Rangolis are also made using different colored flower petals for more exotic effect.

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