Ranjan For Vipassana Retreat.

Something about me must have impressed Ranjan who suddenly decided that he too would like to learn Vipassana Meditation and registered for a ten day camp at Markal, twenty kms away from Pune.

Two things that are important for me are that he wants to learn and that he goes to Markal for his first retreat.  I was among the early meditators/volunteers at Dhammanand in Markal when it was very primitive and to see how it has changed was a very satisfying experience.

Manjiree took the afternoon off and I chauffeured  her and Ranjan to Markal earlier this afternoon.  After leaving Ranjan at Markal, I took Manjiree to Sangameshwar, Tulapur for some tea and she has decided that when we go again to collect Ranjan on the morning of 10th March, we would stop there again for breakfast.  Ranjan will spend the next days in retreat there and learn the meditation technique.

I am one very pleased father today.

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