While writing about History, I had not added that while my focus is on reading History, to break the monotony, I often read fiction too. Sometimes, I end up reading three things at a time, like one book on history, one fiction and say one of the many periodicals that I subscribe to.

While reading everything else is no problem, when I read fiction of the action or thriller genre, I find myself not being able to read continuously as the tension builds up. I stop reading when that tension builds up and, resume reading after a few minutes and continue till the next tension build up takes place.

It was not like this a few years ago but I have gone back to reading action / thrillers only recently and I now find this rather peculiar inability.

I doubt that it is an inability to handle tension or,  that there is too much adrenalin pumping but, it is an inability that I am unable to manage.

Symptom of aging? What do you think WWW? I ask you as you are close to my age and also a voracious reader. I hope that you will come up with an explanation.

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  1. That is intriguing Ramana. It hasn’t happened to me. But I always say “yet” when I make a pronouncement. Is it the excitement and perhaps wanting to sustain it?

    Speaking of excitement – how much do we get at our age? I would like to have a write a post on that – along with you writing one and I can link to your one.

    I like how certain posts can make my brain go off in another direction, like this one.


  2. I find I can’t read any book for longer than half an hour or so, whatever type of book it is. I need to do something different and then come back to it. It’s just my engrained restlessness I guess. Jenny can read a book for hours on end, and she can easily finish a book in a few hours.

    1. I too can rarely sit down continuously for more than half an hour at a time to read without any disturbance. It is only when I am in bed and reading late at night that I can do so.

  3. Interesting, Ramana. Maybe you give a story line its due by halting every so often in order to digest. And that’s good.

    To my shame I am occasionally sucked into watching a box set (binge), preferably in a foreign language with English subtitles to keep my interest, only to find that at the end of it I am either none the wiser or supremely disappointed. It’s why I sometimes think certain books are best finished BEFORE the end – lest the reader is being left disappointed. It’s actually rather interesting that general wisdom goes that beginnings are the most difficult. I’d say endings, a satisfactory conclusion, are the most difficult.

    As to having several books on the go: I think that’s a given. Non-fiction are not there to be read from start to finish – more like dipping in and out of as the mood takes you. Fiction I read less and less as I get older. Don’t know why. Too many deja-vues I suppose. Though do reread some of my earlier life’s treasures – with relish, renewed appreciation and experience under my belt. Re-reading Kafka I’ll probably leave to last. Oh dear …


  4. I wax and wane on reading “books” – sometimes, I start into a book – don’t like it but rather than not “trying” I flick over to the middle, sometimes that works… & I read on to the end and then try again from the beginning….

    This may change in a few weeks, as my “art needed to do” slows down. Today I’ll be finishing the last “job” – photography a bunch of pages with art/writing on them…and loading them in a digital workroom.

    Given that will be done, time to sift/sort up art materials and “etcera’s” that I have every which way.

    I don’t expect to give up “making” things – the containers are still WIP…had to put them away so I could finish the presentation art…

    1. That happens to me too Catherine. I get suckered into buying a book based on some review which on actual reading belies the quality of the narrative. I give up some way through and junk the book and grin and bear the loss of investment on it. I can’t see my reading habits changing anytime soon as I have only that fall back occupation after solving crossword puzzles.

  5. My reading has fluctuated from being voracious, unable to put the book down, to several books going at once, to erratic. I currently have 3 various genre’ going, but have allowed them to “rest” for 3 or 4 weeks now — not sure why not motivated back to reading any of them, but will be. None are currently of high tension fiction variety, but those, the last I read one, I didn’t want to put down. I see Jeffrey Archer has a new book, so that may be intriguing. So far, what you describe is not an experience I’ve had — yet(?) — if it’s aging.

    FWIW I’m still having to log in every time I comment here.
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    1. I am sorry about your having to log in every time you comment Joard but, I am unfortunately not able to resolve the issue with the platform as an update is due and it is taking time due to some patent issues. Please bear with the inconvenience till WP resolves it. Thank you.

      Yes, Jeffrey Archer’s new book ‘Heads You Win’ promises to be a great read. I have bought it but it is in the queue of books to be read!

  6. I have no explanation about your need to stop during a tension building segment but i do find it fascinating! humanity is just endlessly interesting

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