Recipes For My Grandchildren.

This topic has been suggested by the youngest member of this Friday Bloggers Group.   She is young enough to be my grand daughter. I love the idea of this topic but unfortunately have no first hand experience of being a grand parent with recipes for my grandchild/ren nor that of a grand child who was mollycoddled and fed by grandparents.

My grandparents, only one set of them as the other had passed away long before I was born, by the time came into my life, were too old and too fixed in their ways of the older Indian generation that did not demonstrate love for their offspring. In fact, when they came into my life, they had to be looked after by my parents, uncles and aunts,  one after the other turn by turn. I was however able to be of service to my grandfather by getting him his favourite brand of snuff from his favourite tobacconist but, do not remember him getting me anything ever, nor my grandmother who never asked for anything nor gave anything to me.

I do not have a grand child and so have not had the pleasure of being a grand parent and all that comes with that status. I have seen my siblings and friends going gaga over theirs and have often envied them their pleasure.

My recipes for grandchildren therefore have been ready made, shop bought stuff like in the following illustrations.

This is my contribution to this week’s Friday 8 On 1 blog post topic. The other seven bloggers who write on the same topic every Friday are Maria. Sanjana, PadmumRaju, Shackman , Srinivas and Conrad.  This week’s topic was suggested by Sanjana. Please do go over to their respective blogs to see what they have to say on the topic. Thank you.

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  1. I was adored by my grandparents and great grandmother so have a very positive experience. I also adore my own gorgeous brainy grandgirl, now 26. I spent loads of time with her and learned (and still do) much from her. She would say the same about me, I believe.

    We have much in common, I love her music as she loves mine, books and documentaries and streaming series and live theatre. And idea sharing. And oh yes recipes too, she makes a fabulous vegetarian dish for me every time she is here.


  2. I was reminded by www’s comments about music – and how my grandkids – the older two – can be in the car with me and often sing along to the stuff I play on the radio. It was always fun when another friend of theirs was along for the ride and somewhat stunned to hear my grandaughters singing that really old stuff and enjoying it. You would have been a great grandpa – the wise old sage every kid needs

  3. I have a feeling there are MANY who think of you fondly as a grandfather without your even realizing it. youth enjoy you. you’re young at heart and a good and wise listener! those are great attributes for a grandparent.
    I too don’t have any. but I was only barely 30 years old when the Marine’s son Mike was born. and he has always seemed like a son to me.
    so his own two boys (Blake and Jacob) also seem like grandsons. it has been fun watching them all grow up. their dad M/Sgt Mike just retired from the air force at 45. and ‘little Jacob’ of the Peanut fame is now over 6 feet tall. and Blake is in college. OMGOSH!
    children and grand children are our living year markers for sure. xo

    1. As Padmini points out in her comments, I am indeed very fond of my grand nephews and nieces and also the grand children of my friends. They seem to enjoy my company too and I love to spoil them. Watch out for my next post and you will see a couple of photographs too.

  4. I grew up in the South during the 40’s and 50’s; a time when families lived near their parents. So my aunts and uncles were third parents and my grandparents second parents. My maternal grandmother was my favorite. When she went to her working room off the kitchen to churn butter or sew, I went with her. As she sat in her cane chair churning, I leaned against her with my arm across her shoulders. She let me chatter and occasionally she’d chuckle about something I said. She had the typical grandmother build and gave the best hugs.

    1. I am a popular grand uncle to many young children too and I have no complaints on that score. I however hesitate to come up with food for them as I may end up making them ill. I insist on their parents being around when I have to.

    2. Unlike in India, where we have families that live together, in Ireland families tend to like to live near each other. I love that. We made bonds to last a lifetime. I lost a dear cousin recently with whom I had a bond like that. I blogged about her. Although I was heartbroken by the loss, I was happy to be able to view her funeral on a webcam. The pandemic has been useful that way. My kids and husband missed my mother’s funeral, which I hated. Now that a lot of people are missing funerals, arrangements are being made for webcams, which I think is great for people like me who live far from home.

  5. As you said on my post, we both reflected on our own grandparents. In my case, the grandmothers, one in particular, were the personal connection in many ways, but I had my moments and my perspectives with my grandfathers.

    I have seen you reflect upon your children with love in your eyes. Grandchildren are pretty much the same little critters, you just carry less responsibility for their direct upbringing.

  6. I too was grandparent-less by the time I was born, my parents were to become grandparents about the time I was 7 but, I’m not sure what “recipes” they handed down.
    I too don’t have any grandchildren, my marriage (long gone) didn’t produce any and I don’t even have siblings children that would necessarily need my advice. They are always keen to give me some, though! Usually by suggesting I look on the Internet for the answer.

    I guess if I had anyone to “hand down” things, I would say now – if the pathway isn’t working, however much you want it to be – then it’s time to travel a different byway. Slow down, make choices – take time to sit on a bench and listen to the pigeons…
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..And before you know it – it’s Friday – Again!

    1. In many ways, you and I are on the same track except that I do have a son and a daughter in love who not only advice me but, also see to it that I don’t get into trouble of any kind. I suppose that I am their surrogate child!

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