Recycling – Human Organs.

Delirious has a fascinating post about organ donation. There is nothing new about the donating of human organs when one dies and I know that some of my readers as I, intend to do that and have made the necessary arrangements.

I have just a few days ago, lost a dear friend to kidney failure as he was unable to get a suitable donor kidney and was unable to pay and get one due to our laws here. He had been on thrice weekly dialysis for the past many years and finally the time came for him to go at a relatively young age. I hope that my kidneys will find their way to some deserving people.

What I find fascinating about Delirious’s post is the use of the phrase, ‘Recycling’ for donating organs. When you come to think about it, it is precisely that and I wonder why we have not been using the term for organ donation and transplants.

I intend to henceforth. Will you?

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