Red Notice; How I Became Putin’s No.1 Enemy.

Red Notice book

This is a book that should not only be read by you, but one that should be recommended by you to all your contacts so that more and more people will come to know about the Powerful Russians and the way they bamboozle even foreigners leave alone their own citizens.

My brother Barath suggested that I read this book and he has not made a better recommendation than this ever in his long life.

This book had me riveted to it from the first page till I finished reading it. It is an amazing true story with all real people featured in it and instead of a non fiction book, reads like a mystery thriller. But it also left me emotionally quite involved in the writer’s agony and angst as well as sad for the lawyer who gets killed by the Russian system.

I do not want to share the contents of the book here and hope that you will read the book to gain a first hand knowledge yourself.

I request you to read these two reviews here from a British newspaper and here from an American one to add further persuasion if it is needed.


15 thoughts on “Red Notice; How I Became Putin’s No.1 Enemy.”

  1. I’m not really into any reading right now… the did however, read my rental agreement document today to see if we paid our initial weekly rent in advance – “we did” (we being when I came here, there was more than one inhouse)…

  2. Good Reads rate it well. One reviewer was quite critical of Browder who went to Russia to capitalize on Russian inexperience of hedge funds and of course went there out of greed and made himself a fortune in the process. His lack of self reflection also irritated the reviewer.
    I think I’ll skip. But thanks Ramana.

  3. Thanks, Ramana! I tend to stick to novels these days—I have always read novels at breakneck speed, but this time am allowing myself to savor the writing style and use of language. I find it enriches my own writing.

  4. thank you sean!
    this is one that the marine will want to read i think.
    he’s somewhere in the mountains of colorado right now. but when he returns it’s one we will read and then discuss!
    tammy j recently posted..cozy minimal

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