Reduction in corruption! Babus are very worried!

There is a very interesting news item today in the Business Standard, with the heading – “Decline in corruption complaints, worries Vigilance Commission”

Briefly stated, the problem would appear to be that people are not complaining about corruption to the Vigilance Commission in Gujarath. The commission may be worried that perhaps this trend if, allowed to continue, will result in the commission being wound up!

There can be no other reason for it to get worried and asking the home department of Gujarat government and the Anti Corruption Bureau to take serious note of the fall in the number of complaints against corruption. It has further asked the government to take such steps as necessary to encourage people to report about corruption in public departments. What should the general public do? Go around pleading with local babus to become corrupt?

One would have thought, that this is good news about good governance! That corruption is showing a downward trend should be a matter for celebration.

It is typical of our babus that it has become a cause for worry! There could be two reasons for this worry. One, the fear of loss of, shall we say, business or occupation or two, more likely, politics!

For those non-Indian readers of my posts, a babu is euphemism for a bureaucrat. In colonial days, this used to refer to someone who was educated, but now it is used more to express disgust with our small minds in big jobs.

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