The best form of relaxation for me is to get a full body massage from my regular masseur who is almost totally blind and nature has compensated him for that handicap by a highly sensitive touch. He massages me from top to toe following a systematic routine and uses whatever lubricant that the client gives him. I use an ayurvedic massage oil. The routine lasts an hour and it removes all the kinks from the body like nothing else does.

Ideally I would prefer to go for a full pizhichil treatment, but for that I have to go to the city and the commuting takes the pleasure out of it.
pizhichil 2

pizhichil 1

The trick is in having a steaming hot shower/bath immediately after the massage and after that, have a nice lunch and take a nap. When you wake up, you will feel like a zillion rupees. I guarantee that. Commuting, delays that post massage pleasure.

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