This week’s LBC topic has again been suggested by Maria the gaelikaa. I know why she suggested this but she has left me in a tough spot to write about this.

We have lived where we live now for 25 years. We have had two complete renovations during the period and the last one was ten years ago. By that time, I had retired and was at home and saw what happened during the two weeks that it took to paint and then clean up the mess afterwards.

Just two weeks ago, my sweet daughter in law kind of gently suggested that we go through another complete renovation. I said that if she waited just a while longer, she will spare me the problems associated with such an enterprise. She has not taken kindly to that suggestion and I am sure that it will crop up again sooner or later. The next time that it does, I shall simply agree and suggest that for the duration of the exercise, I decamp to better climes like my brother’s home down South.

Watch this place for further inforamtion.

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