There is a process of observing a discipline in one’s later stage of life in our system called Aantara Sanyasa. It simply means that one renounces three things by observing an internal discipline. The things that one renounces are 1. the sense of ownership and control; 2. Worrying and 3.Special prayers to achieve some specific ends. I have tried to follow these disciplines in my life for the past few years with quite a bit of success. Or at least I was of that opinion.

Perhaps to drive home the point that it is not all that easy, suddenly a few days ago, a crisis hit my son in his business and he shared his worry with me. I immediately started worrying, the second item in the list and went through an agonising period and took recourse to prayer, the third item on the list and found some solace in the process.

The crisis blew over yesterday and I had a great sense of relief and felt a deep sense of gratitude for having my prayers answered.

The first item on the list, that I had no control over the events or their outcome was driven home with such a power that I understood in practice what it is all about.

It has been a momentous development in my spiritual pursuits.

5 thoughts on “Renunciation.”

  1. I’m still dealing with these three.
    perhaps not on a daily basis but they’re there. especially since the worrying part seems to be innate. what do we control? nothing!
    what will be will be ~ and ~ this too will pass ~ are the two ‘quotes’ that keep me going. and the word… ‘ accept. ‘

  2. Sort of a serenity prayer approach – Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

  3. I don’t believe in prayer, outcomes come and maybe not but the force of Gaia in the world is something I do believe in I suppose.

    Worry is an awful waste of time but I do get caught up in it from time to time especially when it comes to my children or grandchildren.


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