Report On Intentions.

In the beginning of 2012 I had listed my intentions for the year.

A review is given below each intention.

In January 2011, I had decided to get my weight down from 102 Kgs to 80. By July, I had brought it down to 85 Kgs. Since I had to stop walking to get ready for my surgery in late September that crept back up to 88 Kgs and has stayed there since due to inactivity. I intend reaching the goal of 80 Kgs sooner than later. As soon as I reach that magic figure, I intend getting myself a few pairs of jeans! Can’t let Conrad steal all the thunder.

It has been a yoyo experience. Just before I sat down to write this, I weighed myself and found that I am now 82Kgs. Some more work needs to be put into it and more importantly on maintaining it at that level.

I intend using my club facilities regularly. Due to various reasons, I had more or less stopped going to the club during the last two years and I intend changing that.

Utter failure. I went once to cast my vote for the election of the Managing Committee and had breakfast while there. Must try harder this year.

I intend to get out of the house more often than I have been doing the last few years. These outings will include out of town trips as well as within town, eating out, movies, meetings, parties, etc.

Highly successful. In fact I went out of town too on a number of occasions. Will continue the trend this year too.

I intend learning how to use the camera gifted to me by Ranjan last year and use the photographs taken to write blogs around them.

Utter failure. That camera never came out of the cupboard. Will make it an intention for this year all over again.

I intend being sans sitzfleisch for bores who deliver monologues. I intend doing the same for some of my mentees too.

Partly successful. Must try harder.

I intend making regular use of the Ipod that Ranjan has given me with all kinds of music loaded on.

Highly successful!


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