Respect For Life?

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On the day I drafted this post, these were some of the stories in some newspapers.

Israel Braces for Clashes During Border Protests

Syrian Tanks Move in on City as Thousands Mourn Protesters’ Deaths

NATO Begins Helicopter Attacks in Hopes of Ending the Stalemate With Qaddafi

Ilyas Kashmiri wanted to provoke India-Pakistan war

Sex-selection clinics to be put out of business soon

Stigmatized, three HIV+ sisters commit suicide in Gujarat

Pak forces gun down 26 militants

16 people killed in blast in NATO fuel tanker in Pakistan

I can go on and on and give more such headlines from around the world, which shows how much respect we have for human life. I deliberately have not given the links to all these news articles to save my readers the agony of reading the same thing over and over again with just changes to the locale.

On the other hand, I will give a link to this remarkable article about pets; and an Indian newspaper article and end my post.

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