Resurgent India.

My friends Nat/Usha and Anil/Nina were recently on a long motoring holiday in Gujarath and Rajasthan. They had an absolutely grand time as Anil has repeatedly told me on the phone and email.

His latest mail adds a bit of spice to the travelogue.

The text that accompanies that photograph makes for fascinating reading.

“At Udaipur where we stayed I saw this sight in the morning.
Husband & wife team of Municipal sweepers came on their motor-cycle with a huge broom and with their daughter to sweep the streets around the place. Their daughter came ready with her school bag for the school due to start some time later.
They were around for over an hour claeaning the place and then drove off to drop the child to school.
On request they posed for the photographs. Soon I need to send them a copy too.”

Christmas morning’s Business Standard has an editorial by a favourite writer of mine, T N Ninan which talks in terms Economicese about this phenomenon too!

I was beginning to feel good till this article in the Times Of India brought me back to reality.

Anil, we have some way to go before I can crow!

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