Retirement Humour.

A friend and ex colleague now retired from employment but, in his own start up business sent me this nice video this morning.

I responded with this truth: “The only decision that I make nowadays is whether to sleep or to read. For that I don’t need an MBA.” He responded with laughing emojis and that was that.

Ten minutes later, I got a phone call from a landline number. Since it was a landline number I answered only to be completely taken aback by a totally strange voice addressing me by my name and asking me to spare some time. Under the impression that it could be a tele-marketeer, I first demurred saying that I am retired and not in need of anything. He explained that he wanted to talk about one of my blog posts and that piqued my interest and I said that okay let us talk.

He said while searching for a Visiting Card maker, he saw a link to my blog post My New Visiting Card and that is what he wanted to talk about. On enquiring further he wanted to know what position I retired from and where I lived.

Being in a frivolous mood, I told him that I never had to work for a living and had always been in retirement but now, I have formalised it by getting these visiting cards made. His interest was now piqued and he wanted to know how without working for a living I had lived and I responded that I simply spent my father’s money. He wanted to know how old I was and when I told him that I was 77 he was quite taken aback and asked whether my father was still supporting me. I responded that I now spend my son’s money, he finally got the joke and pleaded me to enlighten him seriously. I requested him to go back to my blog and read the post on Ambition. He promptly did and called me back after a while and had a fairly intense chat and he has promised to come to meet me once the lockdown is lifted as he often visits Pune from Mumbai where he lives.

My Tuesday was made. As I write this, I am smiling at the memory of the two exchanges.

PS. The Ted Talk is very interesting and I recommend that my readers listen to it.

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  1. I’ve never had to work for a living either. A daily routine of muggings and robberies has kept me well provided for, and I now have five houses, four yachts, nine limousines and my own private golf course. That’s the way to do it!

  2. LOL! you and Nick are wonderful. for women it might be a bit different.
    I’m living on “private income.” that’s what English ladies always said in the early days. like Miss Marple.
    ‘ladies’ never discussed money.
    and I like the sound of it instead of “I’m living on the pension I earned over 20 years of working in a tiny cubicle!”
    I’m quite happy. the secret is years of living within your means!

    1. He was and is serious and is planning to print similar visiting cards for himself. We have now become telephone buddies. We will meet once the situation normalises.

  3. I have a “private income” as well…along with perks that include “free public transportation at varying times of the day” often with just myself and the driver, separated though a few months ago by partition (caution tape). My “private income” allows me to have a lawn-care man which is very handy.
    I do not have to partake in a family discussion about what I do daily and sometimes I do very little. I wish I had someone who would wash the pots, I’m quite happy washing my cutlery/plate!

    1. Since the lockdown here, the social media is full of jokes and quips about husbands sweeping, swabbing, vacuuming and washing / drying dishes that most have become stale and fall flat.

  4. I could not comment on visiting cards, comments are closed.

    How about a lunch? 🙂 Home made, after the lockdown is lifted. Hope you are keeping good and are ever smiling.

    Stay safe

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