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noun: retribution
Punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act.

Knowing gaelikaa as I do, I suspect that she intended this to be about divine retribution. Unfortunately for me, I have already experienced retribution of a kind that I would not wish on my enemies.

I however do not know who was punishing me as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act.  Moral, possibly yes, but criminal, no.  Yes, I am writing about my replaced and revised hip joints. The left one was replaced in 1985, revised in 2000 and re-revised in 2011. The right one was replaced in 1987 and revised in 2001. It won’t be too long before that becomes due for re-revision too.

THRNow you know why I call myself a Retired Hippie.

It should be interesting to see what retributions the other LBC writers have to write about!

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  1. My Dad had a hip replacement, but didn’t follow the doctors orders to rehabilitate, and it caused him to have problems the rest of his life. My mother just had her knees checked, and the doctor said that at 88, she has the knees of a 40 year old. With my luck, I’ll inherit my Dad’s joints….
    Delirious recently posted..Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Retribution

    1. The rehabilitation exercises are vital. My surgeons put the fear of god into me after surgery and I religiously followed their instructions and did not suffer. I however know of others who did not and suffered.

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