12 thoughts on “Reunited!”

  1. i found your last post fascinating reading rummy.
    i completely read david frawley’s ‘rework’ article.
    and now i find i want to read some of the other books you linked to. i think i am becoming an indophile. perhaps from knowing ramana’s musings. and my own sean!
    this current post brought me to tears. it’s wonderful. in so many ways.
    thank you once again for enhancing my day.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

    1. You will not regret becoming an Indophile. It is a fascinating country even if I say so! And I am glad that you enjoyed the video. So did I and that is why I wanted to share it with my readers.

  2. Thanks for making me shed a tear, Ramana. Someone had to.

    Hope that some day when I am dead and the Angel is old and near his use by date someone will be as kind to him as the youngster of your film clip.

    Ursula recently posted..Cards being dealt

  3. Thank you for sharing! So touching. Such a great reminder of the good that is out there. Have you seen the movie “The Fundamentals of Caring?” It has some similar themes.

    1. Kaitlin, I can write a tome about the good that is out there. I know of so many cases of caregivers sacrificing their personal comfort and joy to provide care for older members of the family that it is heart breaking to write about.

  4. thanks also from me – we should try to continue to use/be our passions for as long as we can…and if possible share with our network that I/We still would like to do that when it seems we can’t…

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