Review The Prince.


When I saw from the advertisements that there was a movie running with Bruce Willis and Jason Patrick, I called up my ever ready friend Ramesh to see if he would come with me for a morning show.  He was willing and we duly went to see The Prince this morning.  We were the only two serious film goers there among a total of eight persons in the audience.  The six others were actually three couples there for some other purposes.

Both Bruce Willis and Jason Patrick have more or less cameo roles and carry that out with some panache.  The lead played by John Cusack is a totally incredible performance consisting solely of his ability to kill people and keep going despite getting shot.  Other minor roles played by two young women and others add a bit of spice to the story line but were totally forgettable.  Two hotels or big office buildings totally occupied by gunmen only form the backdrop for the action and is testing one’s intelligence.

The sound effects as usual were too loud for me but I was prepared with industrial grade earplugs this time and so was not too disturbed.  The music score was totally incidental and nothing much to write home about.

But for a Sunday morning when I had nothing else to do, it was an outing worth spending some time on some action seeing, as incredible as it was.  So, while I do not regret the money and time spent, I cannot give more than [rating=2] for the film.  If you are an action movie / Bruce Willis fan, you can see it without expecting much from your hero.

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