Right Under My Nose!

 I wanted to buy an alarm clock. Usually these are available only in specialised shops which sell and repair clocks and wrist watches. I tried to find one online from where I could get our local courier service to collect it for me. While I found many, I was unable to contact them on the phone to get exact specifications as I wanted one with a particular detail.

Since all the shops were quite some distance away from where I reside, I decided to ask a friend who runs a gift shop just across from my home as to whether he can suggest one in the neighbourhood.

Lo and behold, he said that he has got in stock exactly what I was looking for and in five minutes, it was delivered to me.

7 thoughts on “Right Under My Nose!”

  1. I stopped using that kind of alarm years ago. I had a lovely one that had so many gizmos on it (including the weather outside) and a torch, but it died and I could never find a replacement. Like most, I now use my phone.
    But being a clock lover I do admire your new friend.

    1. I just love these and despite knowing how to use my phone for everything connected with time, I still prefer to use this old fashioned clock. The only compromise that I have made is that it is not a mechanical wind up and runs on a battery cell.

  2. I, too, prefer an alarm clock rather than my phone. I haven’t been able to find one on the net I like that lasts, unlike years ago, at a reasonable price.

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