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  1. Yes, we are “humans” – unfortunately a lot of humans can’t think straight in a crisis. I bet that someone, the one closest to the incident and with their head screwed on, pulled over to get out of the way causing a sort of domino effect for others to follow further down the line/lanes. Which is great. Sometimes it pays to be sheep.

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    1. There have been occasions in my life when I had hoped for such behaviour from people on our roads only to be disappointed. That is why when I came across this video I thought it to be a good idea to share it on my blog.

  2. what a wonderful and encouraging bit of video.
    so often we see the opposite of the good in humans.
    I would think breathing in that tunnel is a danger in itself. all the exhausts and fumes.
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  3. I saw this video somewhere else and I thought the drivers were all taught to do this. Of course, people here are taught to pull over for emergency vehicles but so many don’t.
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  4. Motorists in Northern Ireland are very good about pulling over to allow emergency vehicles to pass. I think they’re well aware that they might be the next person the ambulance has to be dispatched to.
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    1. Yes, I had responded to your comments on my post on the dangers of roads everywhere as to how NI is perceived to be a very civilised society as far as traffic is concerned.

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