It is perhaps fitting that the last post on the LBC weekly Friday outing is this strange subject. Last because, by mutual consent, the LBC has decided to stop writing every Friday on one subject to offer different points of view. While the LBC has been disbanded, Shackman and I have decided to continue to write every Friday on the same subject just to keep ourselves in practice. So, 2018 will have only two posts every Friday which in any case has been the case for the past few months. We are just formalising the truth of the demise of the LBC and the rebirth of a new Two On One effort.

I had never heard of Roswell and had to educate myself which I did thanks to Google Guru and Wikipedia class room. From this distance to me it appears to be a fascinating study of human behaviour. One mysterious event, some speculation by highly imaginative individuals and a legend has grown. I have nothing to add to what Wikipedia has taught me and am actually at a loss to add some meaningful contribution to the topic.

I am however of the opinion that such mysteries challenge the human mind in all settings and wish to write about one particular one that has been of quite some interest to me for decades. I have visited the site and it is indeed mysterious and while there, felt quite strange, as though that I was living in the past.

I take my readers and Shackman who has suggested this topic to a centuries old mystery in India. An abandoned village called Kuldhara which is now a tourist destination for people willing to speculate and use their imagination to come up with their own conclusions just like people do about Roswell in the USA.

Here is what Wiki uncle has to offer about Kuldhara.

I had drafted the above material three days ago and this morning I was pleasantly surprised to read this story in one of our newspapers. I would sure like to go there and spend a night just to see if any ghosts disturb me!

Shackman has suggested this week’s topic. You can see what the other writers of the LBC have to say in their respective blogs.  Maria, Pravin, Ashok and Shackman<</a

17 thoughts on “Roswell.”

  1. I picked the topic former the whole alien/ are we alone question. I find it a fun topic and enjoy the Ancient Alien TV stuff as well as being a huge science fiction fan. I also enjoy reading how the topic is handled in other parts of the world.
    Shackman recently posted..Roswell. LBC 12/29/2017

  2. I also watch a lot of the Ancient Alien shows on the history channel.
    even just for the archaeology and geography alone it’s pretty fascinating!
    I come closer believing in the existence of other life on planets than I do of ghosts of humans on this planet. Alcatraz boasts of ghosts because so many bad guys were there I guess. and the city of Savannah Georgia has a notorious hotel that’s haunted. all great marketing for tourists!
    I did love the old classic movie ‘the Ghost and Mrs. Muir’ though with Rex Harrison and Gene Tierney. the perfect ghost love story.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

      1. I don’t watch sci fi movies rummy!
        the ancient aliens is presented more in the style of a semi-documentary I suppose. it’s true that it’s a little far out there. ha. poor pun intended.
        my taste in movies is pretty well known by you too!
        even your kind patient and consistent responses to movies like Paddington. (which I see has a sequel in Jan… which doesn’t look as good to me.
        I have been wanting to see ‘The Darkest Hour’ about Churchill and haven’t yet.
        tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  3. I don’t believe in something unless there is primary evidence that can be relied on, or I have seen it with my own eyes. I don’t believe in god anymore than I believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden. I do believe in Alien races not of this earth, & I know that they have already visited earth, because I have seen them with my own eyes many times in the last 40 years, both here & in the Territory. In regards to Roswell, I keep an open mind.
    Keith H. Burgess recently posted..17th Century Recipe Found. German Gingerbread.

  4. Of interest, I had an older friend when I was in High School. Her parents lived in Carlsbad, NM and we stopped at the museum one trip to visit her parents. It was a funny place to me – as you said, you would not like it. I was amused; when my Mom asked me (having read your post) what I thought of when hearing the word Roswell, I replied “The book The Stallion Gates.” I am not sure why, as that did not take place in Roswell. Aliens aside, it is an interesting part of the country.

  5. I follow a nomadic RVer in the States on uTube, he was in Roswell a week or so back and it was interesting all the artwork that was around (he’s not good at artwork as such, but does go to said sites…) I knew about the Roswell scenario for years, every now and then it would pop up in a newscast here, maybe on an anniversary or some other discovery (true/false)

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