33 thoughts on “Ruminating.”

  1. I prefer to lin-
    an amalgate of the old english hlyn and the scotts lyn- meaning a raging torent or a waterfall-
    as in writing music, giving concerts, teaching, keeping house (somewhat), and accompaning my other half to conferences.
    And yesterday taxes. Ouch.
    Now taxes is something to ruminate about.
    And laughter.
    Love Calvin and Hobbs.
    And your page.

  2. i spend quite a lot of time doing that – mainly because i don’t want to leave my nice warm bed on theses wintry mornings,….plus i have to rest my hand often because i’m supposed to be doing so!

      1. LOL – this morning is clear [no rain] but the sun hasn’t arrived – a friend in the far south island is saying snow – which means this far up the nirth – just plain cold…

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