Rummuser With Peruke.

Grannymar made an excellent suggestion in her comments on my blog post All Hope Abadon Ye Who….. : “If you are worried about your image, why not bring back the peruke?”

So, I took the help of some graphics editing and came up with this version of me with a peruke.


Rather startling effect I should say!

Grannymar, do you think that my fortunes will change despite my beard if I were to look like this?

What do my other readers think?

PS. Having sneaked a preview, Manjiree believes that I should make this my avatar! I suspect that she wants me to be the laughing stock among her generation of friends.

Life has a way of bowling googleys at me. For my American friends, the equivalent is curve balls. Hardly had I reconciled to my ambivalent state vis a vis my facial hair, I come across this piece of writing that gives me some major complex issues. Should I shave my chest too?

37 thoughts on “Rummuser With Peruke.”

  1. Go back to photoshop. If Iwas you I’d demand my money back. You’re trying to look like one of those dashing Regency rakes I try not to read about, but frankly, my dear, it doesn’t quite come off. You look like a demented judge whose had too much of the sauce. I’ll beg to differ with Manjiree on this one.
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