“Rummy” Is Just One Of My Names,

As if I do not have enough trouble! My attention has just been drawn to this site with the question as to whether it belongs to me! You can click on it to enlarge it.

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I can assure all my readers that I have nothing to do with this site.Β  It is just a coincidence that a popular Indian game of cards is named Rummy.

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  1. Funny. Rummy is also played here. Back in the 80s, we visited my in-laws often. Karen had 10 surviving siblings at the time, with most of them in Arkansas near their parents and over half of them married. I concocted a variation on Rummy that would let all of us, spouses, included, play at the same time — the number of decks of cards we used depended upon the number of people playing at that one long table.
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    1. There are many variations in India too with jokers, without jokers, three packs, four packs, and so on. Like your case, it is mostly a family game, but many social clubs have card rooms where high stake rummy games are played every evening.

  2. Not actually an Indian game. It’s played here, and when I went looking, there is some dispute about where it originated. The US, but probably as an off-shoot of a Spanish/Mexican ga,e. WHich may have been an offshoot of Mah Jong.
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