The current hot favourite of the Hindi film goer, Rustom is a movie that will be popular with the young and the old for two very different reasons. For the older folk like me who remember the Nanavati murder case of 1959 it is a trip down memory lane with scenes of automobiles and taxis of those days as well as the similarity with the broad outline of the story to its current interpretation. Incidentally, the jury system was abolished in India after this case wound up.

For the young, it is a mixture of the eternal triangle, the glamourous uniformed naval officer, patriotism, corruption, suspense and some catchy music.

I had seen trailers a few times while seeing other films and this one was on my bucket list to see and I got to see it yesterday. I enjoyed the full three hours that I spent in the theater though the picture itself was only for two hours and twenty minutes. There was no need for popcorn or other diversions as the movie was gripping from the word go and kept the audience glued to its seats throughout. Great acting by all the cast, if somewhat overdone by Esha Gupta, excellent direction and very relevant period background makes it a very worthwhile picture to see.

It is a four out of five stars rating that I would give it and I recommend it to my readers. The only reason that I have for not giving it a five out of five is the unnecessary aspects of the corruption background being kept dangling in the air throughout. While I can see the suspense element involved it could have been handled differently.

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  1. I rarely go to the movies, even though a chain opened around here recently…somehow I just forget certain type of outings. And of right now that’s all out the door, as I am busy with other things on my plate. Maybe when I get settled in new place, and now I have given away “continually improving my mind” – I can start to try out new things, including going to the movies 🙂

  2. i like period movies. not just the story but to see how well that era is captured.
    the ‘flavor’ of it more than anything.
    the fact that the jury system was abolished after the nanavati murder case is rather fascinating. for one case to have that kind of impact! i’ll read about that. it sounds interesting.
    tammy j recently posted..cozy minimal

  3. I loved the movie. Although it was in Hindi. However, I thought the English part of the script could have done with a bit of tidying up, but that’s just me. Manan, my son, dragged me to see this movie a fee days back. I read about the Nanavati case years ago.

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