Sabbatical II.

I had written on February 3, 2016 that I will be going to the South of India on a visit and so I did. I spent some quality time with my siblings and cousins and also caught up with another cousin who I had last seen in 1958!

Between the 5th and the 16th inst I spent my nights in five different homes and it was exhilarating being thoroughly spoilt by all my hosts. I spent four nights with my brother Arvind, three with my sister Padmini, one each with my cousins Mohan and Kannan and two with another cousin Shankar.

The trip also included a long drive to a place near Bengaluru to visit Kannan and Mohan did an admirable job of ferrying me to and fro on seven hour long drives either way. Kannan and his family which included five dogs went to great lengths to make me very comfortable and I hope to be able to visit them again sometime soon.

Shankar and Asha had organised a dinner to catch up with other members of that branch of the family and that was a memorable evening too.

My stays with Arvind and Padmini were peaceful and quiet gave me some much needed rest and recuperation.

I was also able to connect with some cousins from my paternal side and those meetings too were full of love and affection and great hospitality.

I also caught up with other relatives and friends and with some of them had meals. Notable was the meeting with friends Nat and Pam who I had never met before but who I called on and subsequently joined for lunch along with my brother Arvind and sister in law Shanta for a great meal.

My return to Pune and home deserves another post and that will follow soon.

Bar Kannan all the people who feature in this post read my blogs and here is thanking all of them for the grand time that I had.

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