Sales Calls.

My curt responses to many sales calls on my cellphone have reduced the number of calls that I receive to perhaps one or two in a week. I find them most annoying as I am sure are all my readers.

I get calls pitching new flats, health insurance policies, loans, etc mostly but, today I just burst out laughing when I received a call promoting a Matrimonial Site.

There was this very sweet voice saying, “Sorry to disturb you sir but, I am calling from xyz Matrimony.” My initial reaction was to burst out laughing which must have puzzled the lady and when I eventually told her that I am 79 years old, even she burst out laughing, apologised for calling and disconnected.

Have you been approached on a telephone call by a Matrimonial site?

12 thoughts on “Sales Calls.”

  1. There are no matrimonial sales calls here, just solar power and political calls.
    My daughters suggest I should join a dating site but I can’t think of anything worse.

  2. nope not that type of call, more would I like to donate to a certain charity – this last time, I said “stop…I’m fed up to your calls” – hoping that they will indeed stop….these on my landline.

    1. My landline hardly ever rings. I think that these callers get the mobile phone numbers from either the service provider or clubs and institutions of particular types.

  3. We probably get 6 or so spam calls a day, mostly on our landline but recently the cell phone spam calls are increasing. We just don’t answer if we don’t recognize the number and name.

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