Samsung Customer Service Sucks.

My brother Arvind Rajgopaul had purchased a ‘Samsung’ micro wave oven from an authorised dealer vide bill noVC1856, on  17-1-2010.

On 7-11-2010, he had registered a complaint with their customer service (complaint no:8407009948) about this oven.

A service mechanic visited him, and after inspecting the oven said that the oven is not operable, and that it has to be replaced. He took a photocopy of the bill and promised to take action in a weeks time.

Arvind made 5 more calls to the customer service cell , and one more mechanic visited him and confirmed that the oven needs replacement,or a cheque to the value will be sent. since this
oven has gone defective within the guarantee  period, they should have given  a free replacement. They have not done so, and are probably playing for time, since the one year guarantee period ends in a few days time.

Arvind has sent official complaints to their e-mail address three times, and every time, the reply is that some one will contact me. I have repeated the problem to all of them, but no action has taken place.

Samsung, this is not expected of a company of your reputation.

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