Sanctity Of Life.

As has happened so many times in my life, synchronicity strikes again.

I read about an assault on a gynaecologist in this morning’s newspapers. Abortion is legal in India incidentally, but only under specified circumstances. This is an adjunct to our thrust on family planning and I have no quarrel with the legality or the ethics part of it. Since there are other problems involved in that, I don’t wish to elaborate but suffice it to say, that I am impressed by the doctor’s insistence on being on the right side of the law and condemn the goons who attacked him.

I read the newspapers in the morning and after my siesta earlier this afternoon, I got this clip in Whatsapp from a friend.

And that is the synchronicity!

12 thoughts on “Sanctity Of Life.”

  1. The Angel “introduced” me to George Carlin just a few weeks ago, thinking I
    might find him interesting. Can’t say I particularly like his delivery but he sure does make many a valid point.

    As you know, “ethics” are what exercises me round the clock. If I had my time again I’d specialize in the law of ethics- and probably kill myself ten years in, latest.

    Ethics is a bugger. Every which way.

    I do believe in the sanctity of life – but not at all cost. Late abortions present a major dilemma. Not least for the operating team. It’s one thing to suck a few weeks old sack of cells out of the safe environment of his/her mother’s uterus; it’s another when you are faced with what amounts to resembling a human being. Never mind. Spare a thought for the mother.

    Ursula recently posted..Subterfuge

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