Sauce For The Gander Is Sauce For The Goose!


I learnt a new word this morning. And how! Degendering.

de·gen·der (d-jndr)
tr.v. de·gen·dered, de·gen·der·ing, de·gen·ders
To make gender-neutral, as by eliminating reference to gender or sex.

Only yesterday, a lady blogger friend and I had a discussion online which went something like this.

Me: Will we ever have global peace?

LF: NO WAY, as long as man is in charge!

Me: There!  You can write a post saying how it will be possible only if all global leaders are women!

LF: If two women in a kitchen cannot agree, how in hell would female global leaders bring around world peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Okay, let us compromise then. Let us make all global leaders transgenders.

LF: Great idea!

And this morning I get to read this very interesting article in the Time Magazine. I am wondering if I should buy the book! Should be interesting for someone who repeatedly tried to get his wife to go to work so that he could be a house husband when it would have been scandalous.

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