Sauce For The Gander Is Sauce For The Goose!


I learnt a new word this morning. And how! Degendering.

de·gen·der (d-jndr)
tr.v. de·gen·dered, de·gen·der·ing, de·gen·ders
To make gender-neutral, as by eliminating reference to gender or sex.

Only yesterday, a lady blogger friend and I had a discussion online which went something like this.

Me: Will we ever have global peace?

LF: NO WAY, as long as man is in charge!

Me: There!  You can write a post saying how it will be possible only if all global leaders are women!

LF: If two women in a kitchen cannot agree, how in hell would female global leaders bring around world peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Okay, let us compromise then. Let us make all global leaders transgenders.

LF: Great idea!

And this morning I get to read this very interesting article in the Time Magazine. I am wondering if I should buy the book! Should be interesting for someone who repeatedly tried to get his wife to go to work so that he could be a house husband when it would have been scandalous.

14 thoughts on “Sauce For The Gander Is Sauce For The Goose!”

  1. Not everything is what it seems – even a Kitchen Cabinet means something else ! Sometimes my word association goes bananas – when I read Degendering , the name DeGenere ( of Ellen fame ) popped into my mind – I think she would make a good President and promote “world peace” ! Or is it only Beauty Queens who do that ?

  2. i clicked on your link.
    and read it and then a few comments. i quit at the one where the judge refused to stop the alimony pmts for a sex change operation.
    this poor guy married a julia. she started getting testosterone shots and wound up getting a new male part. got a divorce. had to pay for all the surgeries and ongoing hormone stuff. she/he is now julio. and the poor husband is still paying alimony! good grief.
    and i wish they’d take all those terrorist types who are demoralizing the world and neuter them. there is way too much rampant testosterone running amok. LOL.
    yup. turn every one of them into a eunech. unech. uneche. help! LOL.
    can’t spell it. turn’em into a transgendered goose. oh yes. and take their gun and their bomb away while you’re at it.
    tammyj recently posted..twerking or the twist

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