Yesterday was the birthday of a dear friend and ex colleague.

I mixed up the dates and did not wish him a happy birthday.

I realised the mistake this morning and sent him a note of apology via WhatsApp blaming age as the culprit for the oversight.

He responded with a message that saved the day for me.

“Never Mind. It is my birthday today. I am in the USA.”

Thank you Time Difference.

13 thoughts on “Saved.”

    1. No, in this case, it is not the time difference. Notice of my posts will be sent the following day only. Even Ranjan who lives with me gets the notices the day after I post them.

  1. LOL – well I”m in the part of the world where we have “before anyone else” especially when the New Year winds over… often I will have people in another zone telling me “it’s the same time here, so e.g. just now it’s just after 4pm” but when you ask which day are you in, it’s usually the day before!!

  2. How kind of your friend to waive your “failing” away. Some people milk it for all it’s worth. Oddly though, one of my sisters being a fine specimen in that respect, is the very one who always forgets, and forever will, birthdays (other than her children’s, and her OWN, of course). So far so fine. The only one who is hurt by it is our mother. The rest of it just shrug it off. Yet, and this is where it becomes, depending on your own personality, either annoying or amusing. Instead of just giving it a rest, a few days later she’ll apologize profusely, ties herself into knots why … It’s painful. Not least because it’s then you who has to reassure HER that it doesn’t matter one bit. Never mind. She hasn’t been in contact for years – probably remembering me on my birthday. HA!

    I myself definitely do remember birthdays. Only I have my own idea when this maybe. So, to me, Magpie was born two days later than he was; though I got it right last year – but only on the strength of knowing that it’s lodged with me on the wrong day. Your own good self? I think we have established before, that for some reason, I put you a month late, namely on the 26th July! Why? I don’t know, my dear Ramana. And in this spirit:


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    1. Thank you very much Ursula for the greeting. I spent it very joyfully with family and friends. I shall not however confirm or deny the date that you have mentioned.

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