Saving For Retirement.

I had published this image shared with me by Nandu in my post I am not my story.

Nandu in his comments on the post said “I have emailed a pic to you ( since I can’t post here ) . You have answered the question asked in it!”

And I responded with “And a lovely picture it is too. I am saving it for another story some day!”

The time to publish that image is now here and here it is.

Do you relate to it?

21 thoughts on “Saving For Retirement.”

  1. You have a roof over your head, food on the table and people to do your chores, what more do you need? There is also the bonus of all the ladies you tell us about, who invite you to lunch. Enjoy retirement!
    Grannymar recently posted..Sunday One liners ~ 35

  2. Do I relate to it? You bet. The only reason I’d make it to the second day because I find chewing toilet paper in absence of bread spoils my appetite. I currently do have 8 p (as in ‘pence’) in my savings account and relinquished all rights to my ex husband’s pension. Yes, I know that was stupid. Naturally, and this is where the narrative gets less and less Mills & Boon, my siblings have asked me why I didn’t marry again. Let’s leave aside that I don’t see husbands as meal tickets. One does have principles. Anyway – I’ll either keep my faculties allowing me to earn my daily crust on my own strength well into old age, or die (relatively) young so day two will never come.

    Ursula recently posted..Conceived

  3. i had a friend that told her children about their inheritance…
    “being of sound mind and body… i spent it.”
    all i can say is… i thank my lucky stars i stuck with a job that i liked okay and that had an excellent retirement plan. it’s what i live on now.
    now that i’m too tired or not in good enough shape really to work 8 to 5 for the rest of my life!
    youth thinks youth will last forever.
    there comes a time when that energy is just not there. and if you have nothing to fall back on then…
    it’s so lovely now to be able to simply rest when i’m not well.
    i used to be the one who worked anyway on days i wasn’t well.
    unless i was contagious of course! then i stayed home.
    i live on not much. but boy do i enjoy it!!!
    tammyj recently posted..hello goodbye

  4. I’ll survive for more than one day, but how long after that I’m not sure. Jenny will have a work pension but I only have a state pension, so we’ll have to see how it goes. Fortunately I like working and I’m happy to work as long as I’m fit enough to do so. In fact I was just reading of a 94 year old man who’s still working and is also extremely fit since he goes to the gym 3 or 4 times a week.
    nick recently posted..The inner monster

    1. Nick, we do not have state pension and most Indians depend on the family support systems for their old age. The exceptions are the public sector and government employees whose benefits from our socialist days will be the burden that we will be carrying for the future generations of young Indians to carry!

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