Saying Goodbye.

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Goodbyes there have been aplenty in my life. Some formal, some implied and some by the simple expedient of ignoring someone in my life. And the reverse has also happened with others saying goodbye to me. A little over four years ago, I said the final goodbye to my friend of forty eight years who was my wife for forty of those years. It was the most difficult goodbye that I have ever said to anyone. There was no drama, no hysterics nothing, a simple passing away with a puzzled look on her face and in my arms. I am blessed.

Four goodbyes that may feature in other blog posts today are given below to show how powerful an action that is.

I have not seen any other goodbye scene like this. Ever. Listen carefully to the famous dialogue.

This one, closer to many hearts because of Demi Moore being at her best.

Latest goodbye has been the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield singing the old David Bowie ‘Space Oddity’ in space. An adventure where in a twist David says goodbye to space instead of the old hair raising picture of Major Tom not being able to talk to Ground Control.

Another famous goodbye is of course:
I'll be backWatch this space.

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  1. “So long , farewell , auf wiedersehen , adieu” from the Sound of Music is also a memorable “goodbye” . So also was “Hello Goodbye” by the Beatles . Will send you the links by email since I cant post here . It is sad when someone leaves without you having the chance to say “goodbye” . However some people hate goodbyes and would rather slip away silently . And there are the Bruce Willis characters who say goodbye to their enemies in quite another way ! Like the guy you featured above – Arnie and his famous “ari viderci baby ” !

    1. I chose two scenes and put in the song for the reverse effect. Goodbye is a favourite theme for songs and Country And Western particularly is so full of them that we can listen for days without ever hearing the same song again.

  2. I think the worst situation is when you don’t even get a chance to say goodbye to someone. They’re unexpectedly torn away and all you can do is come to terms with their absence. I remember especially a good friend in London who was killed in a head-on car crash. No goodbyes, just shock and sadness.
    nick recently posted..Man hunt

  3. i grew up with constant goodbyes. i no longer say goodbye ever.
    my dad went to work one day and died there. no chance to say goodbye. the other goodbyes have been lingering sad ones. mother and my bob and my sister in law.
    have only seen ghost once. just too close to home. i was her age when bob walked into that light.
    and casablanca? still brings chills and tears! after all the years of seeing it. a classic for sure. i’d rather just pretend there is no goodbye.
    that puts it where i can deal with it. silly maybe. sad maybe. but true.
    tammyj recently posted..elizabeth

    1. That is a grand policy. Casa Blanca will be a nice remake for someone to attempt just as Gone with the wind would be. The goodbye scene in Gone with the wind. “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!” too was a powerful one but I did not want to bore my readers.

    1. So would I but, often it is not possible and the feeling of a job undone and may be even guilt for not having been able to do something about it pervades. With long good relationships the question does not arise but with difficult relationships, it does bug one.

  4. I think the Hadfield addition is marvelous. The astronauts lately have been humanizing the space experience. Of course, if you look at a scaled image of the Earth and the altitude of the orbit, they are barely off the ground at all. But they might as well be halfway to Mars saying goodbye to their familiar habitation.
    The Old Fossil recently posted..What Keeps Me Busy

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