Saying Goodbye.

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Goodbyes there have been aplenty in my life. Some formal, some implied and some by the simple expedient of ignoring someone in my life. And the reverse has also happened with others saying goodbye to me. A little over four years ago, I said the final goodbye to my friend of forty eight years who was my wife for forty of those years. It was the most difficult goodbye that I have ever said to anyone. There was no drama, no hysterics nothing, a simple passing away with a puzzled look on her face and in my arms. I am blessed.

Four goodbyes that may feature in other blog posts today are given below to show how powerful an action that is.

I have not seen any other goodbye scene like this. Ever. Listen carefully to the famous dialogue.

This one, closer to many hearts because of Demi Moore being at her best.

Latest goodbye has been the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield singing the old David Bowie ‘Space Oddity’ in space. An adventure where in a twist David says goodbye to space instead of the old hair raising picture of Major Tom not being able to talk to Ground Control.

Another famous goodbye is of course:
I'll be backWatch this space.

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