I really wish that we had an English word for this wonderful word.

In German it means pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.

I rarely have such pleasure nor go looking for it, but since last night, I am enjoying schadenfreude due to the election results that have come in for four state assemblies.

Financial Times has a sober take on the situation. Since that was published, the fourth state has also confirmed that the opposition has taken a stronger lead and has in fact routed the Congress.

My schadenfreude is not only at the discomfort of our own GOP, it is also at the political class as a whole which was delivered a clear message in Delhi by electing unknown common men and women to the nation’s capital region’s Assembly.

It is amazing how much the results have enthused my fellow countrymen and women.


12 thoughts on “Schadenfreude.”

  1. It always gives me a lift when some unlikely political candidate unexpectedly gets elected and ousts the complacent incumbent who assumed they had the seat for as long as they wanted. It happened in East Belfast at the last general election and the ousted MP was pretty pissed off!

  2. So are changes afoot or will it be a storm in a teacup as the situation moves left, right and then back to centre…it would be good if the changes were made for the right reasons. Sorry, I have not looked at our links as election journalism sometimes doesn’t paint quite the right picture, even when it thinks it has 🙂
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  3. About ten years ago, a person very close to me was forced to buy a car even though he is unable to drive because a relative wanted to drive but couldn’t afford one. In the name of family solidarity, my beloved was forced to shell out the bucks. I would go to church and market by rickshow while certain parties would drive around in style. I tried to make out it didn’t bother me but of course it did. The other day that hard up relative attempted to drive ‘his’ car and there was an almighty roar from the engine and white, foul smelling smoke poured forth from the engine. I suppose the feeling I got could be described as ‘schadenfreude’.
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