School Timings.

The inspiration for this post comes from this article that I came across earlier today.

Regular readers of this blog know that I sit in my verandah for about an hour and a half every morning, observing among other things, what happens on the main avenue that abuts my garden fence.

One of the things that I have been noticing for years and have felt sad about, is the way young children are made to catch school buses every morning. I see seven of them every morning catching different buses before it is 7.30 am. The first one has to be ready and waiting for the bus at 6.45 am! Since there are four schools in our neighbourhood, I also see many children cycling or walking to school, besides mothers on two wheelers ferrying children to school. It is obvious that the children resent the early morning trysts and would rather be getting up later.

Though I am glad that I am not a parent having to face the task of waking up and getting the children ready for school at such an early hour, I have always wondered why the schools cannot start say an hour or so later every morning.

On being asked that question, a friend who has been a teacher for decades responded that it is to facilitate closing the schools earlier in the afternoons so that the children have enough time to play games. Should an hour later matter for that to happen?

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