Scribbles And Squiggles!

It is interesting how when one reads some thing, some other story comes to mind and one can identify with the story one has just read,

I had one of those moments when I read this news item in the NYT about Jacob J. Lew.

My signature is a peculiar one too and is mostly of vertical loops going across horizontally ending with a reverse loop in a flourish. It has been called ‘squiggles’ by a lot people. I reproduce my signature and what I use to initial where necessary here to show how peculiar.


And the story about the signature is even more peculiar but I use it still whenever someone comments on the odd signature that they see on documents signed by me.

Way back in 1982, I was the complainant in a civil case on behalf of my then employer against a Jalandhar based businessman on a trademark matter. I was present in the court on the last hearing and the Judge had reserved judgement for a later date. Our lawyer had assured me that I need not be present at the time of his delivering the judgement and had returned to Delhi to handle my other responsibilities.

On the date that the judgement was pronounced, our lawyer rang me up from Jalandhar and informed me that my presence was required by the Judge and asked me to come to Jalandhar the next day. At some inconvenience, I caught the overnight train and reached the court the next day and the story unfolded. The Judge asked if I was present in the court, and on being told that I was, he asked me to approach the bench. When I went up to him, he handed over a blank sheet of paper and asked me to affix my signature on it explaining that he would destroy the paper in my presence. When I did, he destroyed the sheet of paper but smiled and said that he wanted to see how the signature was put down on paper as he found it difficult to imagine someone ‘doing’ that very peculiar signature. He then shook hands with me and asked me to return to my seat and then delivered the judgement.

The nice part of the story was of course that we got a permanent stay order against the defendant with costs.

I wonder if our own blogger-hand-writing analyst Delirious will analyse my signature like Sheila Lowe has done for Mr. Lew’s signature!

8 thoughts on “Scribbles And Squiggles!”

  1. Wow, that is a unique signature! Right off I can tell you that it shows intelligence. (We all knew that already) You are someone who will stretch to learn things.
    The other thing that I notice is that you are a person who (and this may change in your handwriting soon) doesn’t have a lot of time for yourself. But you are a positive person, and tend to have a positive outlook on life. I”m curious about when you use that first signature, and when you use the second. Usually, when I see a signature that I can’t read, I think that is a person who likes to keep their personal life private. I see this in the first signature. But the “RR” one does not show this. So that’s why I’m wondering if you use them for different occasions.
    I do expect your signature to change slightly. Our handwriting doesn’t stay static, just as our personality doesn’t. As we grow and develop new characteristics as a person, so too our handwriting will change. If you don’t believe me, try comparing your handwriting now with your handwriting as a teenager. 🙂
    As I’ve said before, I”m an amateur, so don’t get upset if my “take” isn’t flattering. 🙂 And it’s really hard to do much with just one tiny sample. To be done accurately, it would be best to have at least one page of writing.
    Delirious recently posted..Borrowed Post: We are raising a generation of deluded narcissists

    1. Thank you for that very insightful analysis Delirious. Sadly, two years ago I suffered a spinal injury in the neck and it resulted in right ulnar palsy. I have overcome the pain and discomfort but am unable to use the right hand for fine things and my hand writing has gone for a toss. It is with a great deal of effort that I have to make out checks and I had to practice a lot to get my signature back to normal acceptable levels. My handwriting now therefore will be horrible, but Grannymar proposes that we submit a handwritten post for our LBC! I will first try and then confirm whether I can contribute or not.

      The sing on the right is not accepted as a full signature but is accepted as a sign of approval or acknowledgement and when used is called ‘initialing’ here. Banks will not accept them, but internal commercial documents will as do couriers who deliver packets at home.

    1. Post my ulnar palsy, I have not ventured into long hand written notes. I shall first try and write a paragraph or so and then confirm participation.

  2. You are in good company it would appear ! WASHINGTON: The apparently ‘messy’ signature of newly nominated US secretary of treasury Jack Lew got the attention of none other than the President Barack Obama, soon after he was named. Lew’s signature, which looks like several spiralled ‘Os’ was brought to notice by the US media, and termed as ‘messy’ earlier. As the country’s treasury secretary, his signature will appear on every new currency note in the US. “I had never noticed Jack’s signature,” Obama said.

    “When this was highlighted on Thursday in the press, I considered rescinding my offer to appoint him,” he said laughing. Obama later added that Jack has assured him that he is going to work to make at least one letter legible in order not to debase the currency, should he be confirmed as secretary of the treasury. Lew also joked about his signature, telling outgoing treasury secretary Timothy Geithner that they both shared a common challenge “with penmanship”.

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