Sculpted Tree.

My friend Ramesh sent this message and image via WhatsApp which is worth sharing with my readers.

The tallest tree in Wales had been damaged by a storm and was supposed to be cut down, but a better solution was found. Natural Resource Wales, which was in charge of the site, ordered artist O ‘ Rourke to cut down the tree. He came up with the concept of carving what the tree stump and trunk into a giant hand – to symbolise the tree’s last attempt to reach the sky.
Once completed, the sculpture was coated with tung oil, a natural vegetable oil safe for the closeness of the riverways.


Height: 15.25 met

Sculptor Simon O’ Rourke.

8 thoughts on “Sculpted Tree.”

  1. A wonderful sculpture. Very ingenious. There are some great tree-stump sculptures on the Stormont Estate – mostly of animals in children’s stories.

  2. What a beautiful and artistic way to deal with a trunk. We were not so imaginative with a birch tree in our backyard. Just left it a little tall, placed a bird feeder atop it, and enjoy the color and the birds.

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