Secularism Indian Style.

I take my readers back to two of my earlier posts when the big drama took place at Jaipur. The first was when lunatics prevented Salman Rushdie from attending The Jaipur Litfest and the second about Tasleema Narrin in Calcutta.

Sir Salman, yes, he has been knighted, came to India two days ago. And reflecting the feelings of many thinking Indians has called a spade a spade. He has been devastating about the vote bank politics played by the Indian National Congress, led by Rahul Gandhi and his courtiers. I do not want to reinvent the wheel and straight away take my readers to an article in the Wall Street Journal.

It is heartening the the Indian electorate has come of age. More shocks are due to politicians of all hues and I hope that we can look forward to better politicians and better politics in the future.

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