Self Portrait!


Over at “eclectica” Kylie has written a list of “I am ……” statements.

In the absence of any other inspiration today, I might as well emulate her.

I am the greatest father in the world for my son and daughter in law.
I am a widower, father, uncle, brother and friend.
I am unapologetically bald and grey in the friar’s fringe and beard.
I am best friend to at least three people that I know of.
I am friendly to many.
I am also a pain in the neck for some.
I am a lover of vegetarian food in most forms at all times.
I am however capable of cooking non-vegetarian food.
I am generously described as an effective cook.
I am a very interested housekeeper.
I am a retired person having retired as a professional manager but not yet from life.
I am no longer capable of managing anything. Not even myself.
I am developing as a philosopher of sorts.
I am (apparently) very predictable.
I am a libertarian with concern.
I am blessed with a great sense of humour.
I am a male feminist, if it makes sense to my readers.
I am the caretaker for our dog when the children go out.
I am the Bhishma Pitama Mark II for our Alumni Association local chapter.
I am fond of going to the movies.
I am fond of reading. My taste in books is eclectic.
I am, an unashamed Vedantin.

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