In a Facebook post by a friend who is one both on Facebook and in real life, I had left a comment. A couple of days later, his friend left a message for me there asking me if I was the same RR who was friends with P and N. The query also gave some more information about P and N.

I responded that P and N were my sister and Brother In Love respectively in fact. He responded with the information that N and he were colleagues in their working lives and I sent a Friend Request to him while also informing him that our exchange has inspired me to write a blog post.

And that brings me to this post.

It has been a kind of strong belief that there are only six degrees of separation in the world. There have been too many recent instances like the one that I have mentioned above where the degrees of separation are just one or two. We are getting to know or renewing contacts with people in droves, due to applications like the Facebook or WhatsApp.

It now transpires that the statistical reality is just three and a half degrees of separation!

What a world we live in!

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