Separation II – A Separation.

On reading my LBC post Serparation my friend Nandu suggested that I see this multiple award winning Iranian film.  It is a film rather sad but worth spending a couple of hours on.

Thank you Nandu.  That was a moving experience.  Having just read something about the Iranian film industry in a book about which I shall be putting up a blog post tomorrow, this was a mind blowing experience.

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  1. sitting here.
    i feel almost like i’ve been through a war. i’m just emotionally spent.
    i kept watching through the credits to see if termeh would come out and go with her father. whom i wanted her to choose.
    i came away knowing two things.
    that culture is amazing. it is modern yet somehow totally primitive in a raw boned way.
    and the other is…
    i could never be a woman over there. i would find a way to leave.
    it is so patriarchal as to be suffocating and absolutely frightening.
    at least to me. perhaps if it’s all i knew i would feel differently. but i don’t think so. as a man i doubt you would know the innate fear it brings.
    thank you rummy for this remarkable experience. it’s good to get out of my comfort zone and experience a different culture!
    it was a superb film. and worth every moment spent.
    tammyj recently posted..clearness of knowing

      1. thank you for the link to mohsen. what a face! what a wonderful man!
        i saw the picture of the two of you in july of 2011. you appeared to have a neck injury! it’s a lovely picture of two wise men.
        i read his translation of osho … uh oh. i hope i got that right!… anyway the translation about the ego.
        such simple truth. and insight.
        mohsen on his orange bicycle and his red gloves!
        a valuable man.
        tammyj recently posted..clearness of knowing

        1. He will flip if he sees your response. Between you me and the door post, he is actually slightly off balance like I am too. That is what makes the two of us click with each other. He is quite harmless really!

  2. I am trying to see if I get get my hands on “About Elly” by the same Iranian Director . Like Tammy Praveena & I were eagerly waiting while the credits were rolling to see who Termeh chooses to live with – I guess we can each decide how we want this sad story to end !

      1. Incidentally we watched it on TV – they showed it a few days ago . I then downloaded the link which I sent you . I think one can watch ” About Elly” online ( Google it ) . I will try and get the DVD .

      1. I understood. Incidentally, I saw Eat Drink Man Woman yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I posted it on my facebook wall as my blog was undergoing repairs. Thank you for that recommendation too.

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