Settle Down?

My friend Anil sent this rather crisp message to me with no additional information as to where he sourced it. I know for a fact that he and his lovely lady haven’t settled down yet and perhaps his creative juices just flowed and he came up with this on his own. If he did, I doff my topi to him.

After you have read the message please consider if you have “settled down”.  I gave this some thought and have come to the conclusion that I most certainly have not.  At least not in the way that I would have liked to.  If however, you ask my friends, they are likely to differ and say that I am the most settled down fellow that they know.

‘Settle down’?

The whole concept of ‘settling down’ is misleading…a mirage.

We think we will ‘settle down’ after finishing our studies (seriously?) maybe after marriage (nope).Then we think we might ‘settle down’ after being successful (doesn’t happen), certainly after having kids(do we?), ok, after the kids grow up, (absolutely not!).

Life is not meant to ‘settle down’, life is meant to struggle, to explore, to wander, to love, to lose, to learn, to unlearn, to fail, to rebel, to defy to live with courage to follow your path……

Even our ashes don‘t ‘settle down’, they fly away in all directions.

‘Settle down’, did someone say???

Think about it…

Cheers to Life…Enjoy & celebrate every moment for the sheer joy of being around & for the choices it gives you.

13 thoughts on “Settle Down?”

  1. We are on opposite ends of this one as to me settling down is accepting the very thing that you cite as not settling down. When you accept the fact that life is change and ever challenging you are stable enough to jump on the raft and start paddling down the river of life, dodging as many rocks and rapids as possible. Having accepted the fact you are about to get wet, you can enjoy the ride

    1. I see where you are coming from but, must point out that my philosophy of life too is to accept the cards that are dealt to me and play the game to the best of my ability. In this case, as Tammy so rightly points out, I am a very well settled down fellow but mentally not quite there yet!

  2. ” Life is not meant to ‘settle down’, life is meant to struggle, to explore, to wander, to love, to lose, to learn, to unlearn, to fail, to rebel, to defy to live with courage to follow your path…… ”
    how old is your friend Anil?
    I think that paragraph is wonderful for someone in the prime of their life.
    but I also think there is nothing wrong in accepting life at all stages. and there ARE definite stages! despite what Hollywood would have us believe! youth equates living a bit slower to “having no life.” I disagree! there is just as much delight in relaxing and listening to the rain and feeling it’s cooling mist… or laughing as children play… or cuddling a precious dog… what is wrong about that? usually by the time one reaches this stage of enjoyment they have endured bravely all the losses they can stand! you learn. you live. you go on!
    the fact that you can go on each day is often simply ENOUGH!!! LOL!
    and I think you are one of the most wonderfully ‘settled down’ people I know!

    1. He is six weeks younger to me! A remarkable life story. A much decorated soldier wounded twice in battle who built a very successful business post army life. He has handled more problems than anyone else that I know with aplomb and generosity that is his hallmark.

      And thank you for that great compliment. Yes, physically I am the most settled down of people but mentally, I have some more distance to travel! And in any case, I don’t think that age has got anything to do with the attitude that this composition tries to convey.

  3. you’re welcome! it’s the truth as I see it. I put a lot of store in what you think.
    and I stand corrected in my brash and pompous attitude toward your friend.
    Anil is a military man and I should have known or suspected as much.
    most of them that I know or have known have a robust and brave and ‘get it done!’ attitude about everything in life! I applaud him. and I stand chagrined at his philosophy of life!

  4. I loved Anil’s post! It’s exactly how I feel (most days) about the possibility of settling down! But there are also days when I run out of energy, and take a break from all of my ambitions and needs. I just take a deep breath, curl up with a book and well, settle down—at least for a day or so!

  5. Settling down to me means accepting what life dishes out but never losing track of the endless possibilities of all that life has to offer.

    yeah sometimes railing against limitations but seizing the day too and milking it for all its worth some days.

    I try not to settle for “ordinary”.


  6. Hi Rummy,

    If by settling down one means getting married and starting a family, then yes I have. If by settling down one means being comfortable in life with what I have achieved and think “this is it, I have done it all I was supposed to” then absolutely not! I agree with Anil, we are suppose to explore, to suffer, to rejoice, to laugh, to cry, to wander, to fight, to debate, to wreak havoc, to organise stuff, to just…accept life as it comes and goes. And pay attention to signs, that’s very important.

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