Settle Down?

My friend Anil sent this rather crisp message to me with no additional information as to where he sourced it. I know for a fact that he and his lovely lady haven’t settled down yet and perhaps his creative juices just flowed and he came up with this on his own. If he did, I doff my topi to him.

After you have read the message please consider if you have “settled down”.  I gave this some thought and have come to the conclusion that I most certainly have not.  At least not in the way that I would have liked to.  If however, you ask my friends, they are likely to differ and say that I am the most settled down fellow that they know.

‘Settle down’?

The whole concept of ‘settling down’ is misleading…a mirage.

We think we will ‘settle down’ after finishing our studies (seriously?) maybe after marriage (nope).Then we think we might ‘settle down’ after being successful (doesn’t happen), certainly after having kids(do we?), ok, after the kids grow up, (absolutely not!).

Life is not meant to ‘settle down’, life is meant to struggle, to explore, to wander, to love, to lose, to learn, to unlearn, to fail, to rebel, to defy to live with courage to follow your path……

Even our ashes don‘t ‘settle down’, they fly away in all directions.

‘Settle down’, did someone say???

Think about it…

Cheers to Life…Enjoy & celebrate every moment for the sheer joy of being around & for the choices it gives you.

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